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About 3Cross Publishing


At 3Cross Publishing, we will print only what you want when you want it by utilizing “print-on-demand” (POD).We specialize in four-color glossy covers with black and white text utilizing a paperback style binding. As few as 35 books can be produced at a time and the POD process is the fastest production model available. Your time-to-market can be measured in weeks rather than months. The POD model facilitates self-publishing because it minimizes the out-of-pocket costs to produce a smaller amount of books (1000 or less) allowing the author to positively control the margins of profitability. Many other styles of books and binding are available upon request including coil, wire, case binding, leather, and binders.

Document Team

3Cross Publishing has a team of over 40 professionals from across the entire United States that possess experience in copyrighting, design and editing. Our team represents virtually every denomination that matches 3Cross’ belief of the basic tenets of Jesus Christ. Therefore, 3Cross can edit and produce a manuscript from virtually any denomination in a timely manner.

The following services are available to any author:
       • Typesetting
       • Layout
       • Design
       • Graphics
       • Audio conversion
       • Art
       • Photography


3Cross offers several different marketing programs for authors. The programs range from being very limited to extremely complex custom programs created especially for specific authors and books.

ALL of our books receive the following marketing support.
• Placed in 3CrossBookstore.com with national advertising support
• Placed in over 3000 online Christian bookstores
• Available to over 25,000 retail bookstores

Other available marketing options.
       • Press releases to major magazines
       • Email marketing campaigns
       • Book reviews
       • CO-OP print advertising
       • Direct mail marketing
       • Tradeshow consultation

Fulfillment and Distribution

3Cross Fulfillment services can distribute your books anywhere in the world. Customers will be able to order from one of 30,000 retailers and your books will be shipped within 48 hours through a variety of carriers and services.