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Pentecostal Aftershock
by William E. Kruger
Pentecostal Aftershock
In the last few years as I have traveled in Holy Spirit Conferences and revival services, I have observed many individuals who are pulling away from the baptism in the Holy Spirit, even though they still profess to believe in the doctrines of the Pentecostal experience.

I have also seen that many non-Biblical teachings and false prophets have crept into Pentecostal/Charismatic churches. Scores are claiming the name of Pentecostal who have never experienced a real Pentecostal relationship with Jesus Christ in their church or their daily life.

The purpose of this book is to challenge the average Spirit-filled Christian to go deeper in Jesus Christ as they walk in the Spirit. There is no era in the history of the Church where the power of God, via the gift of the Holy Ghost, is so desperately needed to guide, comfort and keep believers on course.
The miracles of God are needed to inspire faith in the church world, and the anointing of the Spirit is needed for power and strength for service. As thousands of people are turning to the evil supernatural through witchcraft, devil worship, and transcendental meditation, etc., Satan is doing his best to get the Church to back off from the ‘good’ supernatural, wherein lies the power to counteract evil!

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Bill has served 35 years as an Assemblies of God pastor in the Chicago, St. Louis and Cleveland areas. Certified as a short-term missionary evangelist for the past 25 years, his ministry has taken him to 12 countries and across the United States, seeing hundreds experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

Serving 8 years with his wife, Joan, as cohosts of the Praise The Lord program on TBN Channel 17 in the Canton/Akron area, Bill has impacted many Pentecostal denominations.

As a college student, he was drawn into Pentecost by a dynamic infilling of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and he carries the torch to see Pentecostal churches revived in this experience!
William E. Kruger
An alumnus of Bob Jones University, Central Bible College, and Triton College (Chicago, Illinois), Bill is completing his M.A. in Theology at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri. He has done special research in the area of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and travels in Full Life Conferences.